Key Concepts of Android App Development

Android is an open source cellular platform released by using Google in 2008 and ever-since it became the favourite for human beings and developers round the sector. Android is Linux based totally multiprocess and multithreaded OS. Google’s Android OS isn’t constrained to phones however you could use it to build a DVR, a hand held GPS, an MP3 participant etc.

despite the fact that Android platform is an open supply and customizable, Android users and developers have grow to be habitual to the constructs advanced by Google for Android devices. the usage of those Android concepts is important for developing an utility quickly.

Key ideas of Android are:-
Apps and APK files
views and ViewGroups
format XML files

i’m supplying you with an outline of the Android key concepts. After having a basic expertise of Android’s key concepts you may move deeper into the various exceptional topics.

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Apps and APK documents

An Android app is an Android software. An app is packaged in an APK report i.e. Android utility bundle. The APK document incorporates the compiled Java code and different resources like images and texts for the Android application


An Android pastime is a GUI component. you may understand it as a window in a laptop software. As mobile cellphone monitors are small, an pastime takes up the entire screen. if you open multiple sports then they may be stacked on pinnacle of every other. You can’t set up sports side through aspect like you can do with laptop windows.

activities are precise, focused movements which a user can take. As it is difficult to scroll, zoom in or click on hyperlinks on a small screen hence it is endorsed that an app show best one hobby consistent with screen. this may present the most applicable statistics to the consumer and lets in them to launch a new screen for extra statistics or click the back button to view the previous interest. The screen can expose multiple duties but it have to assist the consumer whole just one interest at a time.You canĀ Bigo Live For PC Download from us.


In Android, a fraction is a fraction of a total consumer interface. a fragment handiest takes up part of the display screen. Fragments are used within the activities. Fragments also can be used within exceptional activities. Fragments contain perspectives and ViewGroups internal them.

View and ViewGroups

Android GUI elements come into three classes i.e. activities, perspectives and ViewGroups. activities are the windows/screens. perspectives are the individual GUI factors, like a TextView which shows a text, a Button that users can click on and so on. ViewGroups are containers for perspectives. A ViewGroup surely corporations a set of views collectively. perspectives and ViewGroups can be nested interior an interest or inner even a fragment that is nested inside an interest.

layout XML documents

sports, fragments and ViewGroups can use XML documents to outline their layout and contents. The format XML documents inform which GUI additives an activity or fragment incorporates and additionally the styling of the GUI components i.e. the dimensions, margins, padding and so forth.


if your app requires acting a feature beyond its middle capabilities like opening a photograph, playing a video or searching up a contact then you definitely must discover whether a device that may carry out that feature already exists within the OS or in a third-party app. If yes then you may get the gain of that functionality using intents.

For e.g. in case your app accesses user contacts then you can use rationale gadgets to release the device’s existing Contacts utility. This gets rid of the programming duplication and also speed up the consumer’s interaction with the tool as the user will no longer want to examine once more the way to add a touch in your app.


Android Widgets are certainly GUI components which can be displayed outdoor of an hobby. For e.g. A weather widget which suggests ultra-modern climate is shown on many Android home monitors. Widgets had been packaged and implemented as a part of an Android software. additionally now and again views in Android are also called widgets. For e.g. Many GUI components are positioned in a Java bundle called android.widget. GUI additives aren’t same as a widget which could remain on the house display of an Android device. hence you have to understand the difference between GUI additives which may be used interior ViewGroups, Fragments and additives which can be used inside ViewGroups, Fragments and sports and additionally interior Widgets and Widgets which can continue to be on the house display of the Android tool.

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